Dear CanadaCoffeeClubbers,

Welcome to my web site! If you are reading this, you're thinking of coming to settle in Canada or are already here, carving out a whole new life for yourself. Either way, you're also wondering how this web site came to be.

Why "Canada Coffee Club"? It all started back in 1999 when I sent out e-mails organising an informal gathering of other South Africans headed for Canada. I used this title in the subject field and it seemed to stick.

Applying for Canadian PR must be one of the most important life decisions we ever make, but once our applications are in, we have no control... our futures are in the hands of someone to whom we are all simply case numbers. We go into a state of supense, waiting for a final decision. Fact is, we'll probably all make it to Canada, but with the rampant uncertainty, it's easy to imagine the worst - that you haven't heard because for some reason they are not happy with your file... you added up the points incorrectly and don't qualify... you know what I mean.

When it became difficult to reply promptly to all the e-mails I was receiving, I decided to publish my personal experiences online in the hope that this would help others. Hence, this is an informal, free site for use by all.

This web site tries to demystify the process of applying for a Canadian visa and offer some reassurance that you are not alone - everyone hears nothing for months, and Canada is truly in need of skilled immigrants... they need you as much as you need them.

One way of putting minds at ease is to talk, share info and experiences... so this web site relies on input from all of us going through the same process. Please participate in our message board,... I have met wonderful people headed for Canada! I also found it very comforting to hear other people's stories - it's hard to judge processing times, so it's always nice to compare someone else's Time Line. Send me yours. And just talking about it helps, especially if you can't chat to colleagues or friends right now.

And we're all looking for the same info, but the internet is so vast it's wonderful to be pointed to a useful web site. If you have a useful link to share, please e-mail e-mail us.

Thanks to the many out there who've supported each other by supplying info and time to others coming to Canada. And special thanks to those who've become friends and have made our new life in Canada extra special (you know who you are!).

Best wishes,
Page last updated: 22 August, 2008
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