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An online bistro for immigrants coming to Canada
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A list of South Africans going to Canada, divided by province
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Page last updated: 8/22/2008
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The Big Wait

Those Canadian PR visas take forever to arrive! Grab a cup of coffee and
meet here to browse or chat  - you are not alone! Before you start surfing, read about how the site came to be and what it's all about.
[ABOUT US] is going to be updated

This website has been the same for years, but soon it will get a facelift! This process should take several weeks, however, as always you are welcome to e-mail me directly with questions to which you can't find answers through online or other research.

I often respond to e-mails asking you to contact me through skype, which is free from computer to computer. That way we can chat and it's easier to provide more info.

I will be including a section on sponsoring family members, and will post info again about online chats, which we used to hold many years ago. Due to privacy issues, the Canada List has officially been discontinued.

Get the most from that all-important LSD trip

That's Look, See and Decide, in case you were wondering what we get up to here at!

Crucial information on topics such as mortgages, the cost of a basket of groceries, buying a car/house, the school system, your first Canadian job, etc is key for anyone planning to come to Canada, and then - more importantly - making the move as smooth and successful as possible.

Questions? Simply e-mail us